Robin Camirand

Robin Camirand is an Inside Solution Architect at Connection who, at the age of 50, decided to reinvest in herself and her career by going back to school to get a second degree in Information Technology. Having had a successful run as a Corporate Account Manager within the organization, she had a talent for delivering a high technical proficiency while providing her customers with a comprehensive understanding of their complex infrastructures. She takes her greatest joy in sharing knowledge with those new to the company, and providing for their success when she’s been able to provide clarity to their understanding of the various Microsoft licensing programs and complex IT concepts. Between work, school, and her love of home restoration, time off is spent in her organic garden, on the water jet skiing around the lake in the summer and snowmobiling and four-wheeling in the winter. When the weather doesn’t cooperate, she has no problem retiring to her kitchen to spend hours making home cooked favorites to share with family and friends.

Microsoft Has New Tools to Help with Security and Compliance

Working at Connection—one of the top five Microsoft partners—and working my way through a second IT degree gives me a unique perspective on the tumultuous years we are going through….

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