Robert McIntosh

Rob McIntosh is Connection's Director of Segment Marketing, partnering with segment leadership to translate business goals and priorities into a strategy and plan directly impacting revenue, gross profit, and market share. Rob has nearly 3 decades of marketing and sales experience, navigating businesses to scale through effective planning, communications, CRM management and go to market strategy and execution. Since joining Connection in 2018, he has stood up the Connection Podcast Station, launched and e-Sports program and redefined enablement throughout the organization by leading with insight, focusing on impact, and driving sales with more complex solution selling. As a CNXN Helix Center for Applied AI and Robotics member, Rob leads the brand and go to market strategy for the practice.

Journey to the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Harnessing AI’s Potential

In the last 250 years we have witnessed unparalleled acceleration in technological advancements, with each era marked by transformative industrial revolutions that were powered by groundbreaking innovations. Each marked revolution…

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Success Story: Our Public Sector Team Helps a Florida School System Modernize

The public sector is continuously facing the challenges of implementing emerging technologies among budget constraints and department adoption policies. Modernizing legacy systems is mission critical for IT departments. A methodical…

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Understanding the Internet of Things Security Vulnerabilities and Challenges

Internet of Things (IoT) devices utilize internet connectivity with embedded technology that allows them to be controlled remotely through computer interfaces giving rise to security vulnerabilities and challenges. With little…

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