Robert McIntosh

Robert L. McIntosh is Marketing Manager at Connection. Previously, he spent 18 years as Marketing Executive with Tape Services, Inc. He experienced building businesses to scale through effective marketing and communications. His areas of expertise include CRM management, SEO/SMO/SEM/SMM techniques, creative design work, and contract and bid management. In his free time, Robert enjoys scuba diving, hiking, cross country skiing, and playing guitar.

Success Story: Our Public Sector Team Helps a Florida School System Modernize

The public sector is continuously facing the challenges of implementing emerging technologies among budget constraints and department adoption policies. Modernizing legacy systems is mission critical for IT departments. A methodical…

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Understanding the Internet of Things Security Vulnerabilities and Challenges

Internet of Things (IoT) devices utilize internet connectivity with embedded technology that allows them to be controlled remotely through computer interfaces giving rise to security vulnerabilities and challenges. With little…

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