Rhea Fawley

Rhea Fawley is an E-rate Sales Specialist at Connection, specializing in the education marketplace. When she’s not helping customers solve IT challenges or navigate the E-Rate process, you’ll find her reading, writing, or taking her two young children on adventures.

How to Apply for E-Rate Funding—Step 6: Invoicing

Welcome to the final step in our E-Rate funding series! It’s time to learn about invoicing. As soon as USAC has processed your submitted FCC Form 486, the time has…

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E-Rate Starting Services

How to Apply for E-Rate Funding—Step 5: Starting Services

When starting services, you must file the FCC Form 486. This form alerts USAC that the approved discounted services have begun, you are in compliance with the CIPA requirement, and…

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How to Apply for E-Rate Funding—Step 4: Application Review

Once you have completed and certified your Form 471, the Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) team from USAC will begin reviewing your application and checking for accuracy and completeness. If the…

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How to Apply for E-Rate Funding—Step 3: Applying for Funding

When you have completed the competitive bidding process and all bids have been evaluated, you are ready to apply for funding with FCC Form 471. The FCC Form 471 is…

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How to Apply for E-Rate Funding—Step 2: Evaluating Bids

Last week, we introduced our E-Rate series and discussed how to open the bidding process. In this second post in our E-Rate series, I’m going to talk about Step 2:…

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