Jim Fields

Jim Fields is a Senior Systems Engineer at Connection with more than 38 years of experience in servers and server management. He holds several technical certifications, including HPE Master Accredited Solutions Expert (MASE)—Advanced Server Solutions Architect V3, HPE Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE)—Composable Infrastructure Integrator V1, and HPE ASE—Server Solutions Architect V4. In his free time, Jim enjoys playing the trombone and singing at his church, as well as computer programming and volunteering with the Boy Scouts.

The End of General Support for vSphere 6.0 is Here: Do you have a plan?

Aaaaugh, make it stop! Another one bites the dust! Over the last year, you’ve been busy updating all your Microsoft Windows Server versions to one that is supported (right?), and…

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Navigating Server Refresh Possibilities—Rackmount, Blade Server, or Hyperconverged?

It’s time for another round of server refreshes in your enterprise, so will you continue to deploy the same server style (rackmount, blades, or hyperconverged), or consider something new? Here…

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5 Reasons to Consider HPE Synergy

You may have heard about Synergy, the latest server solution from HPE, but you’re unsure how something this unique might fit within your IT environment. Is it just a future…

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Buy New vs. Upgrading Existing Servers—When Does It Make Sense?

These days, with IT budgets stretched to the breaking point, you probably find your company routinely keeping your servers for 4-, 5- and even 6-years. Pretty much gone are the…

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