Fausto Dedeschi

Fausto has 20+ years of successful direct and indirect field management experience in publicly traded and private IT companies and joined Lenovo IDG, Intelligent Device Group, Cloud & Software organization in 2019 as Global Cybersecurity Director for Cloud & Software Organization. He joined Lenovo ISG, Infrastructure Solutions Group, North America on July 1st, 2022, as Field CTO. He has Extensive Cloud/Edge, AI/ML, Security/Privacy, and IT/OT industry knowledge. He has international experience selling and managing large software/ Security and IT solutions and digital transformation projects at a global level. His expertise includes Energy/Utilities, Life & Science, Manufacturing, and Telco Fausto has several security/privacy certifications: CISM, CISSP, CCSP, CIPT, CCSK, and CCAK.

Interconnectedness and Edge Computing for a Successful Industrial Digitalization Journey

Manufacturing organizations around the world are looking to implement Industrial Digitalization and unlock the benefits of interconnectedness and edge computing, enhancing collaboration, data utilization, and supply chain optimization between workstreams,…

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