Are You Making the Right Server Decisions?

Get the Intel You Need to Head to the Cloud

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As virtualization and cloud computing become a bigger part of your organization’s IT strategies, you want to be able to stay on the forefront of changing business landscape, while also ensuring your data remains secure. We have some insights into how these two big issues are affecting business and IT today, and how Intel® is working to build powerful, secure cloud computing solutions.

The Ever-Evolving Data Center

If you look in the marketplace, the wide deployment of sever virtualization across the data centers of the world has really brought on a new age of potential. Before when an enterprise needed to deploy a new capability, they would stand up a new rackmount server or blade, provision it, and then turn up this service. Now, with server virtualization, you’ve got this ability to have a whole bunch of different applications and needs for an enterprise, reside on one physical server. That makes IT, on the whole, much more nimble than ever before, and now instead of being just a cost center, they can really become an enabler in helping your organization reach its goals.

What Cloud Means for Your Organization

Cloud computing is the ability to have a set of resources, like virtual servers, that you can deploy in a quick and rapid manner. As you develop this nimble cloud-enabled data center you have to ensure that you help the enterprise maintain both its intellectual property and the security of the customer data that you have promised not to divulge or open up to malware or viruses. It brings some real challenges in terms of data and intellectual property security. Intel® looks to bring a strong ecosystem together that can enable a secure cloud solution to protect enterprise mission-critical data and intellectual property, and ensure governance and compliance.

Intel Is Securing the Cloudscape

Intel® is striving to enable a secure and multitenant cloud as an overall ecosystem of providers, from software to hardware solutions. The idea is that all providers work together with standards and open initiatives to drive this idea of trusted compute pools. A cloud solution must be able to provide a definite strong level of security in terms of the hardware root of trust that’s established. Intel® uses a technology called Trusted Execution Technology, which is built into the Intel® Xeon® processors shipped to market today. Based on that hardware root of trust, you can establish security on all those virtual servers, from the BIOS to the hypervisor and the OS and the application layers.

The other important thing to keep in mind is compliance. A trusted compute pool, by design, will have the ability to automatically generate data in compliance with government audits, so an enterprise will be able to demonstrate that they’ve built a secure cloud. So not only would your data be secure, but you’d be able to demonstrate this capability.

As cloud solutions become more trusted and more secure, more organizations will be looking to move to a cloud computing environment, be it private or public or a hybrid cloud combination. Are you ready to invest in the cloud? Connection is ready to help. Click today to get started.