Adoption of Hyper-Convergence

What’s Driving It?

Kurt Hildebrand
Data Center

The adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure is still in its early stages. A recent survey found that more than half of current non-adopters plan to deploy this infrastructure solution within the next 24 to 36 months.

Hyper-convergence is a virtual computing infrastructure approach that combines several data center services in appliance form factors. It accelerates the agility of deploying virtualized workloads, reducing the complexity of data center operations and driving down the cost of data center equipment and data center operational management.

The primary driver for hyper-converged infrastructure is the ability to eliminate data center silos and deploy a single platform to manage diverse data center services, such as storage, computing, networking, WAN optimization, and backup.

Understanding the Risks

But there are risks that are slowing the adoption for many vendors. For example, in many organizations there are currently separate IT groups to manage compute, networking, storage, and virtualization. Implementing hyper-converged infrastructure will require you to develop new workflows and best practices to avoid hierarchical squabbles.

Developing an efficient, multi-vendor hyper-converged infrastructure strategy and implementing best practices for data center consolidation allows the organization to accelerate adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure.

Best practices will also enable the efficient migration to hybrid cloud infrastructure – allowing workloads to scale dynamically between data centers and public cloud infrastructure, as needed. Integrated server, storage, networking, and virtualization platforms are emerging as the modern option to maximize performance and cost efficiency to address today’s demanding workloads.

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