A Day in the Life of a Connection Account Manager

Katie Hallowell

What does an Account Manager do?

An Account Manager is a project manager—a time management task master! Someone who builds relationships with clients by understanding their business strategy—not just from a technology standpoint but holistically. Asking questions to better understand a customer, their role, and their company allows Account Managers to establish a mutual trust while supporting them with tech solutions as they grow. We are a true partner and extension of our customers’ IT team.

What does a typical day for an Account Manager at Connection look like? 

The time I spend on any/all of these tasks of course varies by day, but typically I’m moving between tasks such as:

  • Checking on orders/backlog
  • Updating cases to get things moving
  • Conducting both internal and external calls (some are hour-long meetings with existing clients or 5-minute prospecting calls to new potential clients
  • Attending trainings on new tech
  • Collaborating with resources
  • Strategizing with vendor partners

All day, I’m constantly learning and growing because technology solution selling is never stagnant.

How did you become an Account Manager? What attracted you to this job? 

My career background is varied and none of it includes being in sales (except a couple part time retail jobs in my early 20s). Understating that technology is at the forefront of everything, I made a career change. It was a jump into something new, and I’m glad I did it. What attracted me to the job is my interest in staying current and that technology never stands still—plus, this position gives you the opportunity to develop your unique style into your own book of business. Most importantly, as you grow this business you do have the support of Connection behind you, plus the resources that come with the position.

What do you feel is the key skill or attribute needed to succeed in your role?

My well-roundedness. My natural curiosity of the world—always having a willingness to learn and having a competitive nature—mostly with myself. I believe having that natural competitiveness along with the willingness to keep learning and adapting really helps in sales. I think another attribute is my general friendliness, passion for helping others, and having a varied work experience. I do have 10 years of experience in the biomedical field in positions, ranging from pre-clinical tech, to analyst—to telephony admin—and more.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Relationships—the foundation of every transaction! Building relationships with peers at Connection, vendor partners, clients of course, management, coaches, training staff, specialists, solution architects, and all the awesome people who support us logistically daily in operations—we cannot do this job without them! A business is not one person—it is a team sport!

What’s the best part about working at Connection?

It’s not just a company, you are part of a community—embrace it! Truth be told, this position is not easy and comes with its challenges, but it also comes with great satisfaction. Any task in life worth doing has its challenges (I’ve been through many challenges in every role I’ve held elsewhere, but not every company has the sort of support I have found here). The differentiator at Connection is that people don’t just say they care—they show they care by being accessible. As people grow here, they work to support those after them. The tenure here is proof. The sense of being part of a technology revolution which is helping companies overcome obstacles—especially in these times— that is what drives me!

Katie Hallowell is a Senior Account Manager at Connection. When she’s not developing customer relationships, she loves spending time outside (mountains, lakes, or beach) with her family (wife and 3 pups)—especially running or hiking any chance she gets with their boxer mix, Luna.