5 Ways Digital Signs Improve Public Sector Communications Outcomes

Liz Alton

Digital signage is a cornerstone of today’s public-sector technology communications plans. According to the 2018 Forrester Customer Experience Index survey, 80% of government agencies that were reviewed for customer experience struggled with poor scores. Improving communication, raising awareness about available programs, and speeding up service delivery are all priorities. For public-sector groups and government agencies looking for cost effective, fast strategies to communicate with the public, digital signs can help. Whether you’re announcing the latest emergency or spreading the word about a new program or service, digital signs can maximize the impact of your work.

Digital Signage by the Numbers

With a quick look at the latest statistics, it’s easy to see why digital signs are an increasingly popular investment for public organizations:

  • Digital video reaches 70% of the public, according to TechCrunch.
  • 70% of Americans have seen a digital display in the past month. 55% remembered the message when it was on an outdoor digital display, reports Visix.
  • Today’s audiences are hungry for digital information; according to Pew Internet, 77% of Americans own a mobile phone and tablet. Digital signs resonate with what they’re looking for and how they consume information.

Here’s a closer look at five ways digital signs are helping improve public-sector communications and outcomes.

Getting the Word Out

Digital signage can streamline the process for getting the word out about emergencies, road closures, new services, and other communications priorities for the public sector. As Digital Signage Today notes, “Adding announcements on digital signage helps to fill in the gaps. Staff members don’t have to check their email or desk inbox to be informed of important events because they can see this information on digital signs in multiple places, like in the building lobby or on the way to the vending machines.” Whether you are communicating an emergency or making an announcement, digital signage makes it easy. You can get the announcement up and shared in minutes, without extra costs or waiting to print notifications. And you reduce staff stress by making it easy to update content and streamline distribution.

Improving Internal Communication

Digital signs can also help government agencies improve their internal communications. How often do you need to share essential information with your team? Digital signs can be used to let employees know about important events, outline scheduling, and share information about responding during an emergency. Given the nature of the services and issues many public sector organizations deal with, internal communication is a vital lynchpin in smooth operations. Strategically implementing digital signs as part of your employee communications plan can help.

Updating Perceptions and Branding

As Digital Signage Today notes, digital signs can also help update the image of different public sector organizations. They write, “Digital signage can offer more than just information; it can also improve the overall ‘brand image’ of government offices and services by emphasizing core values.” For many members of the public, improving perceptions can make a dramatic improvement in how they react to you. If perceptions of your agency center around outdated technology, slow service, and other complaints, digital signage can help communicate that you’re customer-focused and committed to bringing your technology up to date.

Combining with Kiosks for Self-Service

For government organizations working hard to provide good service, finding solutions to minimize wait times is a priority. Increasingly, agencies ranging from the DMV to the Social Security Administration are turning to a combination of digital signage and self-service kiosks. As Kiosk Marketplace notes: “Any number of technologies, including kiosks, mobile apps, and online services, can help government offices win the numbers gamehttps://www.govconnection.com/it-solutions/digital-signage/digital-signage-products by providing additional outlets where customers can take care of needs such as car tag renewal or bill payment.” Signs that advise agency visitors of self-service options and enable quick resolution of basic problems are an important investment for the year ahead.

Improving Mindset

Digital signs can help public organizations do more than just make announcements and share public health data. They can also be used to share holiday cheer, improve moods, and try to raise the mindset. In a public-funded hospital in the U.K., for example, a project was designed to help lower the stress ill children and their families feel when visiting hospitals for treatment. As TechCrunch notes, the goal is “to create department-appropriate hospital content using living photography. Their next installation, ‘The Zoo’ (for the hospital’s new pediatric A&E department), will require the use of 14 screens that will each display a slide show of moving animal portraits, a subject they hope will entertain both children and parents.”

Digital signage is a technology solution that’s helping public agencies achieve a variety of goals. They’re cost-effective, environmentally friendly, effective at reaching the public, and adaptable to a wide range of emergency responses and program goals. If you need more effective strategies in place for your public agency’s communications plan, consider how digital signage can help you achieve your goals in the year ahead.

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Liz Alton is a B2B technology and digital marketing writer and content strategist. She has worked with a variety of brands including Google, Twitter, Adobe, Oracle, and HP, and written for publications including Forbes. She is a regular contributor to Connected, Connection’s official blog.