Windows Server 2012: Optimize for Success

The Cloud Is the Key

Stacy Cote

Windows Server 2012 R2 gives users a lot of freedom in their work environments – the product answers the need for a good deal of flexibility, while realizing that simply connecting to a private cloud isn’t enough. Combining Windows Server 2012 and the cloud means optimizing for success. For the top three reasons why these two are such a happy pair, keep reading.

1. Go virtual and grow. You need the ability to connect, yes, but also to expand, and have the ability to grow quickly. Windows Server 2012 R2 was created to optimize space, connectivity, and storage within private, public, and hybrid cloud environments – so you can go from working on-site to off-site without missing a beat, no matter what your cloud preferences. The product can even ensure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met for you, monitoring resource data for reporting purposes.

2. Access your data anytime, anywhere. One server with the power to work as many means that you can connect to the server at all times. There is no limit on availability, and you can sidestep data disasters from the outset. With flexible storage, your options for maintaining data in a secure environment are virtually limitless, especially in a cloud environment (where the sky’s the limit!). Managing your projects with Windows Server 2012 and the cloud also means being able to see exactly how to delegate workloads efficiently. As Connection explains it, Windows Server 2012 is “provid[ing] the path toward full lights-out automation.” And in a cloud environment, that automation goes with you.

3. Work anywhere – securely. The cloud enables you to work from anywhere without worrying about security – that’s one of its best attributes – and Windows Server 2012 steps up to the plate to make working from anywhere that much simpler. Classify data according to users within your server to maintain data security, while ensuring that everyone has complete access to everything they need, no matter where they are. And everybody works happily from their favorite coffee bar or restaurant or couch – or even office space.

Windows Server 2012 was created to be an agile sidekick to whatever storage system you choose, but the cloud lends itself best to the product’s features.

What other features make the combination of cloud and Windows Server 2012 so fantastic in your world? Let us know!

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