Windows 10 – More of What to Expect

An Update on Our Windows 10 Rundown

Contributing Writer

Earlier this year, I wrote a post detailing what to expect with the release of Windows 10 and what it would mean for users. Since then, we’ve learned a few more things. Probably the biggest news is the licensing options.

With licensing Windows 10, you will finally have options. The Windows OEM license is still the only way to technically purchase the full license, but the upgrade has been tweaked to help customers get common licensing in their environment. Windows OS Upgrade will still be offered as a per device license. However, in order to be common with Office 365 licensing options, there is now a per user option. This will allow Windows 10 to be accessed on multiple devices, with only having to account for one upgrade license. You can now do this as a subscription as well, so it really blends well with the Office 365 licensing model.

Even more exciting, current Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 customers will be able to download Windows 10 for FREE! That’s right, for FREE! Microsoft is so excited about the new release that they are giving it away to customers who qualify. It is easy to use; it has a start menu, and is setup for desktop and mobile touch users – upgrading seems like a no brainer to me.

Windows 10 is here. It’s the Windows you know, only better. Be more productive with a familiar Start Menu, stay safe with new security features, and get more done across multiple devices.
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