Windows 10 Keeps Getting Better

Let’s Cut through the Clutter

Ashley Lofaro

It has been almost a year and a half since the release of Windows 10, and today it’s running on more than 400 million devices worldwide. IT administrators are reporting an estimate of 15% improvement in OS management time to put toward other IT areas. Plus, security remediation has been greatly reduced, thanks to Windows 10 security features like Credential Guard and Device Guard, along with improved features like BitLocker.

No matter what your reason is to move to Windows 10, there will be even more reasons in the future because Windows 10 keeps getting better. With Windows as a Service, your organization will get constant security updates, new features about every six months, and the end of big OS upgrades.

On October 26, 2016 Microsoft unveiled a new feature update for early this year, which will empower the creativity in all of us with new innovations, called the Creators Update.

How many times have you have tried to solve a problem by sketching it out? And how many times have you wished you had more than just two dimensions to properly communicate your solution? Well, Paint 3D – just introduced in the Creators Update – is just what you need. It provides an easy way to build 3D objects, create shapes, and view them from every angle, adding details with tools like oil brushes and paint smudging. You’ll even be able to add realistic textures, like stained hardwood or soft grass, to your objects.

The Creators Update also adds more features to Office apps on a Windows 10 PC. Ink Editor makes a tablet with a pen accessory the most convenient editing tool ever. Just strike through words to delete them, or circle them to highlight. Additionally, tools like Digital Ruler are coming to PowerPoint. Powered by Windows 10 technology, Digital Ruler lets you use touch and a pen accessory at the same time to position the built-in software ruler on your slide and draw straight lines.

Also, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will support 3D models. Insert the 3D model and change the perspective with rotation handles. There will even be transitions in PowerPoint, like Morph, to create movie-like 3D animations.

Even more features are coming in the Creators Update that will be announced soon. Windows 10 has improved deployment, security, productivity, and will now empower everyone to create.

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