Why Sensible Storage Matters

Get the Boost You Need and Save Money Along the Way

Kurt Hildebrand

There are two simple truths when it comes to storage: every organization has data they need to store, secure, and manage – and that amount of data is increasing every day. We live in the information age – and it’s revolutionized the way we do business. Data has become the all-powerful tool we use to better connect with customers, make smarter investment decisions, predict industry trends, and much more. So if data’s role has changed, why do we still use the same storage technology that’s been around for twenty or thirty years? Well, that’s all beginning to change.

Many organizations have discovered that a modern approach to storage can yield the high-capacity, high-performance arrays they need to extract the most value from their data – at a much lower cost per gigabyte than traditional magnetic, spinning disk technology. These modern, hybrid-flash disk arrays offer the best of both worlds, dispelling the myth that high capacity and high speed have to come with high price tag to match.

Because data plays such a pivotal role in day-to-day operations, updating your storage infrastructure can also be a key to unlocking the full potential of your data center. In recent years, we’ve seen tremendous improvements in processing power, memory, and networking speeds. These advances have leapfrogged storage, leaving legacy storage arrays as a bottleneck for reaching the true performance of the modern data center. Storage modernization is an excellent strategy to ensure you’re able to achieve the maximum performance returns on your other IT investments.

If you’re not reevaluating your storage and data management infrastructure, you’re leaving significant benefits on the table. These modern technologies are a key differentiator for companies – whether you’re looking for a competitive advantage, trying to optimize performance in your data center, or simply looking for a smarter way to control storage costs.

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