What’s Your Right As-A-Service Mix?

Justin Baron

It’s so exciting to see the IT marketplace evolving so rapidly and to think about the business opportunities available through properly designed cloud solutions. We have never had so many options to choose from in how we deliver IT services or how we manage IT service delivery. Finding the right overall balance across the IT model is key to supporting organizational needs for scale, speed, business intelligence, and the contemporary workforce.

What I love about Connection is that we have resources and capabilities to help our customers wherever they may be in their journey.

For those just getting started, you may be asking yourself questions such as:

  • What IT services are good candidates for cloud delivery?
  • Which cloud platforms are right for me?
  • In what order should things be done?
  • How do I ensure my security objectives are met?
  • Who stitches things together?
  • How do I pursue new opportunities while continuing to deliver a great IT experience for my end-users around the current environment?

Those that have already started their cloud journeys may have questions such as:

  • Are there opportunities to optimize what we just migrated to cloud?
  • Is it a good idea to provide self-service for my developers?
  • What are the options for managing and monitoring hybrid environments?
  • Is my identity strategy sound?
  • How do I manage my investments and provider relationships?
  • Am I managing risk effectively?

With cloud platform and provider options ranging from boutique to hyperscale—and lots of exciting connectivity options—complex decisions are ahead. No two situations are alike, but we use proven methodologies to help each customer with cloud strategy development and execution based on their unique needs.

Beyond our general marketplace advisory services and ability to help you contract and transact your as-a-Service capacity, our Technology Solutions Group also supports our customers in a variety of other ways along their journeys including:

  • Consulting Services to ensure your IT model is aligned to business requirements—such as around compliance, information security, and business continuity / disaster readiness
  • Engineering Services to help you plan and execute—such as workload and readiness assessments, architecture and design engagements, and implementation / integration services
  • IT Lifecycle Services to help Support your ongoing mission—such as for remote environment and security monitoring, service desk solutions, and customized managed IT programs from desktop to data center.

In all cases our goal is to do whatever possible to help you optimize your IT service delivery model while managing risk and cost.

We’d love to hear from you about your opportunities and challenges, and to help you achieve your optimal as-a-Service mix. Reach out to an Account Manager today to have a chat.

Justin is a Principal Solutions Architect at Connection with over 15 years of experience in advanced technology and professional services solutions. Justin enjoys cooking in his free time.