What’s Happening in the Workplace?

Nothing Less than Total Transformation

Dave Olivier

As computing technologies advance, sometimes it’s easy for marketers to overstate the significance of this or that innovation. But step back and look at the larger picture of what’s happening right now: an array of new capabilities that, taken together, amount to more than just the next evolutionary baby-step, more than merely the latest iteration of what you already use. It’s an actual workplace transformation that fundamentally changes how people relate to the devices that help them succeed.

In this transformed workplace, people are able to do more from wherever they happen to be, on whatever device they’re using at the moment. Even the most recognizable brand names are struggling to embrace radically different business models based on mobility and cloud technology. Your business rivals are experiencing this transformation, too, and possibly even adapting to it faster than you to improve service and compete on price.

Business leaders are realizing: it’s either transform or get left behind.

Intel and Microsoft are leading this transformation as it reaches into the office, the classroom, or wherever people are engaging with the technologies that enhance their lives. The two are collaborating on new devices that get you up and running faster, letting you share wirelessly with ease, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from multilayered security, data protection, and manageability.

Their proactive vision for workplace transformation, and the role of technology in realizing that change, addresses three key ways that organizations can reinvent themselves:

  • Closer collaboration that enables mobile workers anywhere in the world to share information and brainstorm solutions easily and without barriers
  • Increased productivity achieved by simplifying workflows and enabling wire-free workplaces and biometrics-based security
  • Integrated workspaces that are present in the facilities themselves: immersive, high-quality audio and video for a natural-feeling experience

In the coming months we’ll share more about how Connection will play an important role in introducing the vision shared by Intel and Microsoft, and embodied in the launch of Windows 10. In the meantime, we’ll help you accelerate your understanding of these business-changing technologies – the challenges and the opportunities alike – to help you achieve greater success. Learn more about workplace transformation now.