What Makes Now the Right Time to Refresh?

These 4 Advances in Intel® Core™ Processing Power

Dave Olivier

To maintain their competitive edge, smart businesses claim every advantage they can, and that includes staying current with the latest computing technology. With every new release of next-generation hardware or computing platforms, those businesses must decide: do we jump on board, or should we wait?

In the case of new hardware powered by the 6th generation Intel® Coreprocessor the decision is easy – jump! Especially if it’s been a few years since your last refresh: Intel’s best processors ever make this the ideal time. Here are just a few of the compelling reasons you should refresh your aging client devices with new hardware featuring 6th gen Intel Core processors.

1. Immediate productivity gains – New Intel Core processors deliver up to 2.5X faster performance* and up to 3X longer battery life, letting people stay productive through the day. And the latest Intel Core processors deliver up to 30X improved graphics for more immersive visual experiences.

Another productivity-booster: new wireless technologies like Intel® Pro Wireless Display gets meetings started faster and helps people collaborate more freely. And Intel® Wireless Docking automatically connects your device to your mouse, printer, and other peripherals as you approach your desk, getting you up to speed faster.

2. Protection from modern security threats – If your business is running on aging systems, you could be vulnerable to all manner of sophisticated attacks that have emerged in recent years. The latest hardware-enabled security features of 6th gen Intel Core processors are designed to help safeguard critical data, protect identities and control access. Passwords are quickly becoming a thing of the past as advances in multifactor authentication such as True Key™ from Intel® Security let you log in with a fingerprint, facial scan, or a second smart device.

In addition to providing security features in managed environments, Intel® vPro™ technology also enables remote KVM control for IT managers to troubleshoot and resolve issues even when a device is powered down or nonfunctioning.

3. Optimum operability with Windows 10 – As detailed in our previous blog post, the latest Intel Core processors and Microsoft’s newest OS release were co-designed to work “better together,” offering complementary capabilities for a richer computing experience. For example, computers equipped with Intel® RealSense™ cameras can recognize and respond to hand gestures and facial features, enabling them to work in tandem with the biometric access capabilities of Windows Hello.

4. Now you can match the right form factor to any job – Today, you’ve got an amazing portfolio of devices to choose from, powerful desktop systems in a modest footprint, ultra-lightweight laptops, and Ultrabooks to take the full computing experience wherever you go, highly portable and rugged tablets, and even flexible 2-in-1 devices. And all of them can be powered by the 6th gen Intel Core processor for uniform manageability across all devices.

It all comes down to this: the time has never been better for a hardware refresh with Intel’s best business processors ever – especially when you can also get the bonus benefit of a familiar yet highly functional new Windows 10 OS that users already know how to navigate.

I hope I was able to advise you on choosing the right mix of devices and capabilities to match every workplace need for powerful, secure, flexible end-user devices. And just think, you’ll be doubling your advantage with the benefit of not one but two major technology releases. If you have more questions, let us answer them!

*As measured by SYSmark® 2014.