What Do I Do with My Azure Cloud Anyway?

Practical Strategies to Unlock Performance Gains and Scalability

Kevin O'Connor

Every day, another Connection customer comes to us and asks how to leverage the cloud for one of their workloads. Our cloud team regularly works with organizations that are looking for a hybrid cloud solution to help them meet growing capacity requirements – often in an environment that’s already reached its maximum capacity. Outgrown, over-taxed data centers (and, in some cases, computer closets) have many IT professionals listening closely to what our experts are doing with Microsoft Azure and the cloud. Check out what all the excitement is about.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the tall tales associated with anything “cloud” for years now. But how do you separate fact from fiction when it comes to finding the right solution for your unique needs? That’s what our cloud experts do every day. Our team solves a variety of challenges across an even bigger variety of environments to find the perfect cloud for every application. We’ve helped organizations use public cloud capacity to deliver applications into regions that required high levels of performance that their own data centers were unable to provide due to geographic constraints. We’ve also worked with clients who finally realized the full potential of their Information Lifecycle Management initiative by shifting a tier of their storage into the cloud. But right now, there is one client use case that is outpacing all of the rest – the need to migrate away from Windows Server 2003 quickly and reliably.

Many existing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 workloads, including those that generally take up a substantial portion of an IT server farm (such as Web servers and file servers) can be quickly and easily migrated to Microsoft Azure. This enables organizations to prevent a gap in support and avoid expensive support contracts for legacy equipment. Using Azure to bridge your migration projects past the Windows Server 2003 end-of-support date in July, 2015 can offer the peace of mind and protection you need. For more insights into the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, tune in to see what the experts from our Microsoft and cloud practices have to say about real-life experiences with Microsoft Azure. You don’t want to miss out on exciting ways to add reliable, scalable performance to your organization.

Watch our two-part video series on the benefits of Microsoft Azure and discover how to ensure a seamless deployment from start to finish.