VMware vSphere with Operations Management

Virtualization Made Easy

Kevin O'Connor

Organizations’ virtual infrastructures are evolving. As a result, the idea that a virtual environment can simplify server deployments, streamline maintenance, and reduce capital and operational costs is becoming a reality. With these sought after results, we are seeing more and more organizations trying to find their way to virtualization, and attempting to find a starting point. Now there are tools that can ease virtualization for your organization.

VMware vSphere® with Operations Management (vSOM) was designed to help you get the most out of your virtualization platform. Some results include the ability to:

  • Reclaim unused capacity
  • Right-size virtual machines
  • Improve utilization
  • Increase consolidation ratios

So now that you’ve taken the leap to virtualization, what will you do to keep your virtualized infrastructure healthy? vSOM has you covered. By providing a simple view of the entire environment, vSOM lets you monitor and maintain performance and improve availability – while managing capacity supply and demand to optimize your virtual environment.

Learn how VMware vSOM makes it easy to virtualize your IT infrastructure. Don’t miss our latest podcast where Julia Lee, VMware Product Line Marketing Manager, discusses VMware vSOM and how it can help you make your infrastructure simpler and more efficient by avoiding performance issues, planning for the future, and forecasting IT costs.

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