VMware vSAN is a Game-Changer in Modern Data Storage

Kevin O'Connor

In the new IT world, where virtualization and cloud technology reign, organization’s need to leverage modern storage solution that’s easy to manage and scales to meet their ever-growing data needs. Today we see our clients leveraging multiple storage strategies to accomplish their IT service delivery requirements. VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) gives customers new options for cost and management when it comes to designing the back end infrastructure.

vSAN is a new software-defined storage tier that brings the benefits of the software-defined data center to modern storage. Here are some of the highlights of what VMware vSAN brings to the table.

  • Automates time-consuming, manual storage tasks making it easier to manage
  • Performs better than either a virtual appliance or an external device
  • Radically lowers your storage costs when you leverage existing or optimize your resources

Sound too good to be true? Not in this case. vSAN shared storage really is as good as it sounds. Listen to this podcast where Peter Keilty, VMware Sr. Systems Engineer, Software Defined Storage discusses how VMware’s vSAN automates manual storage tasks to deliver more efficient and cost-effective storage for your data.

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