Unite Your Organization with EUC

Your End Users Are Important Too!

Tony Dancona
Data Center

Today I want to talk to you about your user base. You know, your employees, coworkers, bosses – basically everyone who sits in front of a keyboard at your business. Without them, not a lot would get done. After all, those reports aren’t going to type themselves!

A lot goes into making an IT infrastructure work. You can buy the best servers, top-of-the-line switching, ultra-fast wireless – but all that invested money means little if your users can’t get from A to B in seconds instead of minutes. And that’s where a glut of problems can arise. Productivity being a big one.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) pitch. (If not, give us a call STAT!) But the industry is leaning away, ever so slightly, from the hardline VDI approach of maximizing your company’s infrastructure and productivity. Now it’s about End User Computing (EUC).

EUC is what VDI has grown into: the ability to get to stuff from anywhere and from any device to anywhere and to any device. “Stuff,” of course, consists of your virtual desktop, applications, files, and other assorted content. EUC offers the flexibility for your IT department to deliver the best method of using applications – be they Web-based, SSAS, RDSH shared instance, or a full Microsoft desktop – via a complete, single sign-on. Content is delivered thru a secure content locker giving a behind-the-firewall drop box-like functionality. EUC also provides a great way to securely share documents and more for all users.

So what I’m getting at is, if you haven’t taken a look at EUC, or the term is new, you should. Connection is ahead of the curve on this subject. You can read our Spotlight on EUC white paper. And of course, there are our assessments, services, and proof of concept appliances. We’re here to help transition you to a productivity-fueled infrastructure when you are! And after you’ve read our white paper, give us a call with any questions you might have. We’re always happy to discuss technology in the workplace.