Understanding Digital Transformation and the Role of Microsoft 365 in a Transforming World

Kickstart Your Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365

Sreeraj Vasukuttan

What is Digital Transformation? Is it just an overused buzz word or is it the most exciting thing happening at the intersection of technology, society, and macroeconomics?

I started hearing the term “digital transformation,” along with the idea of the fourth industrial revolution, after the World Economic Forum Conference of 2016. The conference itself was titled “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Then I started hearing it everywhere. With Microsoft touting the concept during its 2016 WPC Conference, I realized that Microsoft is a major proponent of this push.

Digits, the foundation of this digital revolution, have had a transformative effect on humanity ever since we started using numbers in ancient Sumeria. But we could not recognize the flowing properties of digits—the true power of zeroes and ones—without the Internet revolution. The digital transformation really started right around the time we figured out the potential of the flowing digits, and learned how to harness that power for positive transformation.

Perhaps Microsoft has realized they need something extraordinary to harness this power—something that is more capable than what they have already built, something that leverages the capabilities of their past innovations. Microsoft 365 is that thing—it’s what Microsoft will be recognized for during the era of digital transformation.

Microsoft 365 comes with the best of Windows, the best of Office 365, and the best of the mobility and security tools that Microsoft has developed. The security underneath the other components of this bundle is what makes it extremely valuable. Microsoft understands that rapid transformation in the business world is accompanied by a plethora of new risks. They’ve invested heavily to understand and mitigate those risks with security products in various operating frameworks. Microsoft 365 is a unique offering through which they bring the benefits of all those technologies to one place.

Connection has put together a Microsoft 365 tech dossier with IDG to help you understand the current state of digital transformation and its impact on the business world. The dossier also elaborates on the specific scenarios that make Microsoft 365 the right product to get you through this transition.

Digital transformation is real. Its impact on the workplace is real. If you cannot grapple with it, you might fall prey to your competitor who understood it before you.

Sreeraj Vasukuttan is a Technical Marketing Manager at Connection with a passion for technology and marketing. He enjoys writing about cloud, security, and end-user compute. In his free time, he loves watching films, cooking, and traveling with his family.