Top 5 Enterprise Advantages of Windows 10

Contributing Writer

Windows 10, the last version of Microsoft Windows, will pack new productivity features and security updates to accommodate enterprise users. From a specific business edition to Universal Windows Apps, there are a few key differences that set it apart from its predecessors for enterprise deployments. Read on to discover how…

1. New Universal Windows Apps

Advances Microsoft’s goal of allowing developers to write apps for “One Windows” that will work across multiple platforms. This simplifies the process for developers, who can build a single application to support a wide range of platforms. It also enhances productivity for enterprise users running applications on multiple business and home devices.

2. New personal assistant

The Cortana voice-activated personal assistant allows enterprise users to launch applications, set reminders, send email, find files, keep track of calendar items, and conduct Internet searches.

3. New Web browser

Previously referred to as Project Spartan, Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s new, lightweight web browser. It replaces Internet Explorer as the default browser and it’s built around web standards and offers tight integration with other Microsoft services, such as Cortana and the OneDrive cloud storage and file hosting service.

4. New Security features

Application-vetting and biometric authentication, are key new security features in Windows 10 that will secure enterprise information. Microsoft’s new Device Guard is designed to block zero-day attacks by vetting applications attempting to access a Windows 10 machine. It is intended to block any applications that are not signed by specific software vendors, the Windows app store, and an enterprise itself.

5. New biometrics secure identification

Windows Hello uses biometrics such as a scan of your fingerprint or your eye to launch Windows 10 devices, and the Passport feature lets enterprise users enter Websites, networks, and applications without passwords. Users merely confirm with Windows 10 that they are in possession of their device via biometric scan in order to automatically access a variety of services and websites like email, social networks, and e-commerce pages.

In total, these new capabilities in Windows 10 are particularly appealing for organizations seeking to increase workplace efficiency while strengthening enterprise security. For example, our team can help you deploy enterprise mobility management and take full advantage of everything Windows 10 has to offer. Learn more about how Windows 10 can help productivity soar, our experienced technology specialists with expert advice are standing by to ensure your Windows 10 migration is a success.

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