Top 3 New Security Features of Windows 10

And They’re Free

Lane Shelton

Security is first on everyone’s list of priorities in the digital landscape, and Microsoft is trying to make it easier for you with their three new star features. Windows 10 is offering three big-deal security changes – all are free with the upgrade, too, which may be one way Microsoft intends upon making up to everyone who was disappointed in Windows 8. Read on to find out more.

1. Device Guard is like a really beefy bouncer of sorts for all of your devices that are loaded with Windows 10. Device Guard researches every app or download that attempts access, and then alerts you if the system owner is not signed by its creator or a part of the Windows Store. In other words, if it’s something that’s questionable or not trustworthy, you’ll know immediately – taking care of a lot of security issues (and likely mitigating innumerable helpdesk tickets) on the front end.

2. Passport is a super savvy means of accessing all of your apps and programs with only one access code. So, right now, you may be accustomed to a password for your email, one for Salesforce, one for your project management system, etc. With Windows 10’s Passport, you sign in just as you do on a smartphone – only once – and you can immediately access everything, without any further sign-ons needed.

3. Hello is the most futuristic of the three new security features on Windows 10, as it can scan a face, an iris, or a fingerprint to allow access to the system. As long as you have a fingerprint scanner or iris scanner handy for your enterprise’s devices (it’s not included), you can use Hello as a means of accessing Windows 10 in place of a password.

Microsoft is certainly out to change our thinking about passwords – and soon you may be able to stop coming up with creative ways to make your pet’s name into a new access code. All three of these security measures make it harder for hackers to get to any of your data, regardless of whether or not they know that RoverRocks!

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