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NCSAM Week 3: Keep Sensitive Personal Information Safe and Secure

Stephen Nardone

From smartphones to smart homes, people are more connected than ever before. The Internet of Things means you can use nearly any device, anywhere to send information—to and from customers, between team members, or to a branch location across the country. While this creates an opportunity for better business and an enhanced customer experience, it also presents a greater chance for a breach in security. Since nearly everything is now connected to the Internet, and hackers are constantly inventing new ways to breach your data, security has never been a higher priority. Connection would like to remind you of the importance of identifying current and future strategies for safety and security, while leveraging the latest technology.

With the new digital age transforming the way we live and work, it is imperative to explore how to secure your cyber environment. But where to begin? As new threats continually emerge, a trusted security partner is critical to help you protect, detect, and react. Our team can help you understand your risk and provide expertise across three pillars of security to protect your organization, detect sophisticated threats, and react effectively.

Connection is committed to promoting cyber security and online safety. Our in-house team of security experts is dedicated to helping organizations of every size reduce their risk with industry-leading security solutions and services. Connection’s Security Practice can help create comprehensive security programs that leverage the latest technologies from our partners, and provide the most effective testing, validation, and managed services to keep your security risk at an acceptable level.

We provide IT security services that address the full threat cycle. Interested in learning more about our IT security services? Contact an Account Manager and discover how to protect your sensitive information from online security breaches.

Stephen Nardone, CISSP, is Director of Security Practice at Connection with over 38 years of experience in both the government side and the commercial side of the security business.