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Cisco Nexus Delivers Data Center Automation

Sarah Senftle
Data Center

IDC Research Vice President Bob Parker has identified, “Digital transformation is not just a technology trend; it is at the center of business strategies across all industry segments and markets.” It is clear companies cannot run from the Omni-channel digital world, but will they simply survive or thrive?

Digital disruption will displace nearly 40% incumbents by industry over the next five years.1 Companies that have decided to embark on the journey to a digital business are 26% more profitable and achieve 12% higher market valuation than their competitors.2 Digital transformation provides organizations an opportunity to reimagine the way they do business, stay ahead of the trends, and strengthen customer relationships.

Speaking of trends, in the past ten years, IT infrastructure has gone through an enormous transformation through virtualization. Now that trend is moving from compute to storage with the emergence of hyperconverged platforms. If your organization is eager to take advantage of hyperconverged storage, you’re also going to need to modernize your network. Let the Cisco Nexus platform take you to this next level.

Thirty-seven percent of network downtime today is caused by human error from IT staff having to do the repetitive tasks over and over. That’s where Cisco Nexus comes in. When you build an infrastructure based on the Nexus 9000 platform, you can build repeatable solutions that allow you to see your entire infrastructure as one domain – eliminating the need to configure tasks over and over. With an application centric approach, this platform allows you to easily integrate automation and virtualization into your infrastructure.

See for yourself. ZK Research and Cisco have partnered with Connection to discuss the importance of unifying storage, data networking, and network services to a company’s overall digital strategy.

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