Three Reasons to Change How You Adopt Software

Ndeye Ba

When it comes to the new options for purchasing software, the way we purchase music comes to mind. Before, if you wanted one single song, you had to buy the entire CD. Then we shifted to the ability to download individual tunes to your device—you didn’t have to buy the whole album. Not only you could listen to the song on your mobile device, but you could also log in to your desktop, launch a program, and have access to a library of songs you had downloaded. Now, we’ve moved to apps like Spotify. I pay for a subscription, and I have access to all the songs on the service, everywhere I go.

Disruptive Environment

This is exactly what we’re seeing everywhere. The way that customers are purchasing nearly everything is very different nowadays. We see things move from the cloud to the cloud-hybrid approach. Competitors are jumping into markets in ways we’ve never seen before, and it’s disrupting our customers’ customers. The whole technology environment is changing, and software is the core of how we’re going to address these changes. In the ever-changing world of business technology, it’s software that supplies continual value, regular innovation, and efficient implementation of new features.

Business Outcomes

Lately, we’ve been hearing a great deal about “business outcomes.” We need to go beyond what is simply being asked for and dig deeper to identify what challenges need to be overcome. It’s the difference between selling a customer relationship management (CRM) application and being actively involved in looking for a solution to address issues of customer loyalty.

As a software specialist, I realize that your IT purchases need to address the core challenges you are purchasing them for, and that is my team’s responsibility to ensure that you get the right software solution and continue to gain value from that investment. Together, we can achieve a winning solution. 

Software Subscriptions Benefits

It’s time to do away with high capital expenditure (CapEx)—instead, move toward more manageable operational expenditure (OpEx), allowing you greater financial predictability and less worrying. Cisco software subscriptions (annual or monthly) will fit your budget and will allow better asset management when refreshing or augmenting your infrastructure. As a result, you can expect to respond more efficiently to your business needs with agility—plus, you get better pricing that lets you achieve quicker ROI with no upfront commitments. Whether it’s subscription suites with Digital Network Architecture Licensing or Enterprise Agreement, we have the features and options you need to help your organization succeed.

Our team of software specialists is ready to talk to you about your business needs, ready to listen to your challenges, and ready to partner with you to help make your business sustainable. We will make it easier for you to move from traditional outdated licensing models, to alleviate paying high upfront costs and maintenance fees.

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Ndeye has more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience. She holds a Cisco Networking degree and works closely with the Connection Sales team to provide pre- and post-sales support, and to expose, educate, and guide while building and driving strategic marketing campaigns to grow the Cisco software business. In her free time, Ndeye enjoys dancing at family gatherings, traveling, and discovering new places and cuisines.