This Is Our Connection.


Distance may change how we work, but it doesn’t change who we are and how we find connection. Our world shifted rapidly around us, and suddenly our teams were miles apart. We know that by staying at home and social distancing, we’re flattening the curve and helping the brave people working in our hospitals while also easing the burden on our healthcare system. Isolation may be hard, but we remember that—in doing so—we’re doing good.

Staying Connected

After this, we will never again take for granted the chats around the water cooler or the jokes shared over our cubicle walls. But even without these spontaneous moments of joy in the office, each day we find new ways to connect with our coworkers and our loved ones. We’re finding ways to keep our spirits up, even in times of crisis.

Connection isn’t just our name; it defines what we do. So, we filmed ourselves to remind each other—and you—that we’re still here, and we’re still finding joy. Sure, we have video toasts instead of happy hours, and virtual meetings instead of conference rooms—but we’re not alone in this.

Times Are Strange

It can be hard to remember that this isn’t forever. We’re alone, together, and we’re going to persevere. We’re go-getters, we’re doers, and we’re going to take care of everyone in our Connection family. We’re not going to let a little distance slow us down. So, from all of us to you, we’re here, we’re working hard, and we’re going to get through this!

Our parting words are simple: stay safe, stay healthy, and keep connecting.