The True Experience of Moving to the Cloud

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Kevin O'Connor

Has your organization considered making the move to cloud? Maybe you’ve even started along the journey and are curious about how well other organizations are handling the transition. According to a recent survey we conducted with IDG, over 75% of IT decision makers say that their cloud-based IT initiatives have met or exceeded their initial expectations.

Don’t worry; we’re not trying to hand you a pair of rose-colored glasses. We also asked organizations what they found challenging about their cloud implementations. More than half reported that getting their employees up to speed on the new technology was the most difficult aspect.

What would a journey to the cloud mean for your organization? Take a deeper look into our survey results to discover how organizations like yours are working with cloud technologies.

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Kevin has over 20 years of experience in the areas of software, cloud computing, and data center technology. He has been a contributor to Apache open source projects, the Java Specification Working Group, and AIIM. In his free time, he enjoys baseball, hockey, surfing, and spending time with his family.