The State of the Cloud

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Kevin O'Connor

To take advantage of everything that the cloud has to offer, it’s important to stay on top of the industry trends that are driving and prioritizing its adoption. Technology is always changing, and cloud computing is no different. So what does the future hold for cloud adoption according to your industry peers? Recently, we worked with the world’s leading IT research company, IDG, and asked IT decision maker’s three questions about the impact of cloud computing in correlation with their business strategy.

Survey Highlights

  • Over 70% of IT decision makers believe the digital interface of their organization is becoming more important to customers than face-to-face interaction. Can you say that your customer facing digital interface is available to your clients in a scalable, reliable and cost-effective manner? If not, consider the benefits of gaining in this area by adopting a cloud or colocation strategy.
  • 50% IT decision makers report cloud as an IT investment used to improve service to customers. Leveraging technology for competitive advantage has become a proven approach to market success. Our team works with clients to ensure that regardless of the challenge, your digital success in front of your clients is unmatched
  • Security continues to be one of the biggest challenges in cloud computing. There’s a lot of misconception in this area as many IT employees can’t get out and see what the modern cloud and colocation data center provider can offer. We can help.

There are a lot of factors that influence an organization’s decision to pursue and adopt cloud. We can help you understand how cloud can help you power your client experience and ensure that you make the most of your investments.

Our Cloud Practice has qualified experts with years of experience who personally engage with you to build the right cloud solutions for your unique environment. Our team helps you discern the factors to identify and prioritize the providers to best host your workload. Combine public cloud capacity with high performing network connectivity and the option to colocate legacy or proprietary hardware, and optimal possibilities evolve. That’s where our team excels – we provide you with options to deliver a next-generation IT strategy.

Find out what your peers had to say about the trends that will shape the cloud landscape by reviewing the results of the full survey.