The Security Challenge

Finding Skilled Cyber Security Professionals

Stephen Nardone

One of the greatest concerns about the future of technology is being able to fill the demand for highly skilled professionals. The field of cyber security can be particularly daunting, especially for smaller organizations that don’t have the appropriately skilled, or credentialed, people leading the IS function. Identifying and attracting the necessary IT talent can be a significant challenge, due to the size of their team or budget constraints. What can leaders do to promote and hire the next generation of security pros for their organizations?

In reality, every organization should function with the assumption that every employee and partner is a “potential” threat. This might sound harsh, but here’s why. If a company assumes that none of the people who come into contact with their critical data, or even a portion of the people, could do damage, then they are immediately vulnerable. In my professional opinion, every information security program should be based around the fact that everyone is a potential threat. Period. Then build policies and monitor with that understanding in mind.

Finding Critically Needed Talent

Universities across the country are working in partnership with the K–12 sector, offering programs like the one at the University of Maryland designed to engage young students in the skills they will need to be highly qualified IT professionals of the future.

The Center for Internet Security teamed up with Monster Government Solutions to create Cyber Comp X, a virtual community designed to engage cyber security talent. CIS hosts the U.S. Cyber Challenge, which runs competitions and cyber camps to train new talent in the skills that are in high demand across industry sectors.

Connection also has a staffing division to aid organizations in overcoming hiring challenges. Organizations may not have a human resources department, and dedicating time and other resources to finding talent isn’t always the most viable or economical option. We work as a strategic partner to quickly find the IT expertise needed. Whether you need the skills of helpdesk analysts, developers, engineers, project managers, directors, or even a CIO, our staffing experts will find you the right candidate. With our attractive contract-to-hire program and competitive rates for permanent placements, you can stretch every budget dollar while recruiting the talent you need to staff critical IT projects and strengthen your security posture.