The Road to Hyper-Convergence

Knowing Your Server Situation Is Half the Battle

Kurt Hildebrand
Data Center

Server assessments are an essential step on the road to migrating to a hyper-converged data center infrastructure. Understanding how you are utilizing your existing resources is critical for capacity planning as you strategically determine how to implement hyper-convergence solutions in your data center to reduce costs, streamline operations, and simplify management.

Hyper-convergence combines computing, storage, networking, and management into one centrally managed cluster of standardized appliances. Understanding your current server scenario requires the ability to assess server utilization and accurately map workload demands. With energy costs continuing to rise, and hyper-convergence bringing even more efficient solutions to the market, now is a great time to optimize your resources by implementing server consolidation and virtualization initiatives on a hyper-converged platform.

We are ready to help. Our Data Center Server Assessment gives you the tools you need to make sound decisions about which servers you should consolidate. You’ll be able to get accurate performance and utilization facts so you can optimize your IT capital and resources as you deploy hyper-converged data center infrastructure.

In addition to the green benefits of reducing energy costs with high-efficiency equipment and virtualization, server consolidation helps you get more out of your existing resources. You can lower your total cost of ownership by reducing your physical data center infrastructure while at the same time increasing system performance, application availability, and the effectiveness of your current IT staff.

Our Data Center Server Assessment performs scenario modeling to help you understand your expected consolidation ratios and what the resulting server performance will be across several different target platforms. We use industry standard and proprietary tools to receive statistics and data regarding server performance. This information is analyzed and presented in a comprehensive report that details the current environment and potential ways to virtualize, resulting in higher efficiency and cost savings.

We’ll schedule a server assessment discovery workshop led by a one of our services engineers, and we’ll install our agentless data collection tool. It will run for 30 days and generate detailed reports, and our engineers will provide recommendations and present a final report.

Our Data Center Server Assessment offers insights into your current inventory, system performance, and model consolidation ratios – so you will have an actionable plan for virtualizing your servers. You’ll have hard, actionable data that can guide you on your journey to hyper-convergence. Visit the Connection Data Center Server Assessment web page where you can learn more the service and download a sample server assessment report.