The Power of User Profiling and Connection’s Premium Landscape Optimization Process

Laura Cox

In today’s technology driven world, Microsoft licensing can be highly complex. Trying to figure out which product suites contain all the functionality and feature sets your organization needs can be challenging. The old adage of a “one-size-fits-all” mentality in technology is not smart, cost effective, or productive. Especially now, when Microsoft offers so many Office suites, both on premises and in the cloud. Why wouldn’t you want to map out the correct product needs for each user group inside your company based on actual needs and usage?

There is real value in understanding your customer and all the different user groups within your organization. To know which products they are using—and what they truly need to do their jobs and to do them well—is imperative. Take, for example, the CEO of a global company. He may have specific Microsoft product needs that would require a Microsoft 365 E5 license for availability and extra security when he travels. Or we can break it down by vertical—say manufacturing—where you can have a floor worker who shares a kiosk workstation with other users during opposite shifts. These users may need Microsoft 365 F3 as they use Office Online only. In that same manufacturing example, you have Finance and HR, which would typically fall into your general knowledge user, so Microsoft 365 E3 might be the right fit for them. As we see our customers make these key decisions, it’s important to understand these end-user use cases to map the correct technologies to the correct people with precision. 

That’s where my team comes in. The XLO Team offers User Profiling Workshops as part of our Microsoft Landscape Optimization (MLO) Premium Assessment. Through a series of workshops, the MLO Premium Assessment will provide clarity and insight on your Microsoft investment strategy, while also showing a tactical approach based on your options. Evolving technology as well as the variations of modern work environments—such as virtualization, supporting a remote or hybrid workforce, security, and cloud—make these strategic decisions more important than ever for successful outcomes, and user profiling is a big part of that process.

During the User Profile Workshop, we talk with customers about how to define the various types of Microsoft users in their organization. Based on needs and usage, we map out various cost scenarios—taking into account current and future projects—to help determine which products are best suited for them and the most cost-effective option available. We are able to compare the costs associated with the Office suite with the required additional products of the top-tier Microsoft suites. From a return-on-investment standpoint, when customers go through this profiling workshop, we tend to see a much higher technology adoption rate and greater collaboration in Teams, leading to increased business efficiencies.

The next time you’re faced with a big Microsoft decision such as an agreement renewal, it’s vital to take a step back and look at your people and how they use their Microsoft technology. These technologies evolve by the day, so it’s important to understand your options by breaking it down to the core of who needs what tools to succeed. You’ll have happy people, with the latest technologies at their fingertips, driving efficiency and profitability for your organization!

Reach out to your Connection Account Team for more information on the User Profiling Workshop and our Microsoft Landscape Optimization Premium Assessment. For more information, check out our vlog below.

Laura Cox is an Inside Microsoft Consultant on Connection’s XLO Team. She has a background in Microsoft sales and licensing. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, exercising, paddle boarding, volunteering with her local Girl Scout organization, and spending time with family and friends.