The Advantages of UCaaS

Why Your Workforce Will Love Unified Communications (And You Will, Too)

Kevin O'Connor

Today’s workers are increasingly mobile – 96 million of them do at least some work remotely, a recent IDC study found. By 2020, over 70% of the nation’s workforce will be using a combination of notebooks, smartphones, and tablets to get their jobs done.

A mishmash of outdated, cobbled-together communications technologies simply won’t cut it in this environment. That’s why 68% of companies in a recent IDG study said improving internal communication is critical.

To enable your workers to be as efficient and productive as they are in the office, the best solution is a hosted unified communications solution, or UCaaS. It integrates all the communications systems your business uses – including email, presence, voicemail, instant messaging, and videoconferencing – into a single, intuitive user experience that delivers unprecedented flexibility across multiple devices.

With a UCaaS system, your workers can collaborate better and save your business and your customer’s time. Because UCaaS deployments are cloud-based, they are less device dependent and can support a broad spectrum of desk phones, tablets, mobile phones and software deployment models. A UCaaS system also not only helps your workers – it offers significant benefits to you. Here are a few:

No IT Staff Training Necessary
Cloud-based services don’t require specialized IT staff knowledge to deploy or operate – your staff can get started immediately without waiting for lengthy installs or knowledge transfers to your IT staff.

Lower Cost of Ownership
You don’t have to buy expensive hardware or software and consume valuable IT resources to manage your UCaaS environment.

Hosted systems are pay-as-you-grow, which means you know what your expenses will be, and can make changes easily if you hire seasonal workers or experience fluctuations in your workforce size or location.

Easy Add-Ons
Adding services, features, or new users is just a click away.

UCaaS systems are all built on a software stack that can be integrated through APIs into your existing custom or packaged applications to improve end-user efficiency and your customer experience.

No Management Hassles
Service level agreements ensure your satisfaction or else a cost savings on your bill.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
If a data center goes down, your communications are automatically rerouted instead of being disrupted. None of that DR solution needs to be acquired by or performed by your IT staff.

It Keeps Getting Better
A recent Gartner report notes that UCaaS providers now offer an improved user experience, API connectivity with leading cloud applications, and solid mobile-first user deployments.