Take the Pulse of Networking Trends

See What IT Decision Makers Are Saying

Tim Allen

Recently, we partnered with research firm IDG to ask your peers some probing questions about their networking goals and challenges. We received some great responses that really help illustrate today’s networking trends. For instance, over half of the respondents, 54%, chose security breaches as one of the top challenges they face, while 52% are also struggling to increase bandwidth requirements. Looking ahead, 58% plan to focus on reducing downtime, outages, and system failure. Security, reliability, and scalability seem to be at the forefront as organizations work to keep their networks up to date.

For the full rundown of our survey, including how well respondents said their network was keeping up with user demands, take a peek at this handy infographic. If you find you’re facing similar challenges or ready to start similar initiatives, Connection has experts ready to help create the right networking solutions for your unique environment. Feel free to contact an Account Manager or drop us a line!

Tim is the Network Practice Director at Connection with more than 24 years of experience in network professional services and administration and operations. In his free time, Tim enjoys many outdoor activities, especially skiing and hiking.