Take the Guesswork Out of True Mobility

Apple and Cisco: A Superior Mobile Experience

Sarah Senftle

Quick survey: how many hours a day are you connected to a wireless network in one form or another? If your phone is a constant partner, that’s as much as 16 hours right there. Sending texts to coworkers, viewing email, checking the weather – maybe playing that new app you installed “for your kids” – it just goes to show you how much mobility has reshaped the way we live and work. But it’s far from done.

In one survey, 69% of IT leaders believe mobility will impact organizations in the future as much as the Web did in the past.* And network traffic is expected to triple by 2020 – a large part of which will be mobile devices and apps.* With the number of users and data traffic ever increasing, organizations need to ensure their mobile strategy delivers simplicity, speed, and security without compromise. But creating a secure, well-performing network is easier said than done.

A successful mobile strategy requires an exceptional wireless network and seamless mobile device management. And that’s exactly why Apple and Cisco have partnered. Together, they are creating some of the best app and voice experiences for iPhone and iPad. With Apple and Cisco in the data center, organizations everywhere can deliver better apps, voice, video, and so much more.

In a recent video, Connection’s Matt Larkin, Cisco Solutions Business Manager; Adrian Caron, Apple Business Development Specialist; and Tim Allen, Networking Practice Director, got together to discuss how Apple and Cisco can create a truly mobile experience. If you’d like to learn more, watch our video, or contact a Connection Account Manager for help in all things Cisco and Apple.

*Cisco Enterprise Mobility Landscape Survey 2015, Cisco, Aug. 2015.