Supersize Your Windows 10 Advantage

6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors Open Up a World of Opportunity

Dave Olivier

Considering an upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 for your desktop and mobile devices? There are plenty of reasons why you should. You’ll receive a richer end-user computing experience with features like the Cortana personal digital assistant and biometric technology – such as Windows Hello – to eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple passwords.

As a means of keeping your IT assets up-to-date and protected, Windows 10 is a great start. But why not extend your new capabilities even farther? Take this opportunity to refresh your client hardware (at the same time as your OS)with devices powered by 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors – also known as Skylake.

The robust Windows 10 OS and the latest Intel® Core™ processors are designed to offer a better way to work, providing unprecedented advantages in several key areas.

The Windows 10 work environment might look familiar to longtime Windows users, but it allows you to do more with improved fundamentals, like easy switching between touch, mouse, and keyboard and faster access to devices with less waiting. Standout features of this new OS include Microsoft Edge, the first browser built for the modern Web that lets you take notes on Web pages. There is also Cortana, the voice-activated personal assistant that can answer questions, find things in your PC, manage your calendar, and much more.

Windows 10 alone provides some real productivity-boosters, but why not supercharge that productivity benefit with the advanced capabilities of 6th gen Intel® Core™ processors? Refreshing your hardware with new Intel®-powered PCs will help extend and enhance the performance gains of Windows 10. And, new Intel®-based devices provide an instant performance dividend, offering new features to help workers start faster and keep them going.

The 6th gen Intel® Core™ processor offers Intel®’s most secure client platform, especially when combined with Windows 10. With each generation, Intel® continues to add new security features that Microsoft builds on. With the new processor, Intel® is enhancing the identity protection to support multi-factor authentication to reduce the threat of credential fraud. The biometric recognition features of Windows Hello are complemented by Intel® RealSense™ technology.


Together, Windows 10 and 6th gen Intel® Core™ processors enable you to manage and secure a range of Windows, iOS and Android devices from a single management console as you provision and deploy applications more efficiently. The new “Windows as a service approach” offers regular software updates to keep systems more secure. And then add the features of Intel® Active Management Technology and Intel® vPro™ technology to troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly without costly deskside visits.

Windows 10 has a single core application that runs on every device and is designed for compatibility with existing tools, simplifying the task of cross-platform support and management. And, Windows 10 manageability provides more flexibility in choosing different device form factors to match each worker need. Select from a range of desktops, from full-featured towers to all in ones and space-saving NUCs. Select the right mobile computing solutions, including the flexible Surface Pro 4 tablet that can replace your notebook.

The release of Microsoft’s best Windows OS and Intel®’s best processors, both at the same time? Truly there’s never been a better time to refresh. Connection can help you choose and deploy the right mix of new business-ready devices – powerful, secure, easy to manage.