Start Your VDI Journey Today

Step 1: Proof of Concept Appliance

Tony Dancona

Desktop virtualization is one of the hottest buzz words in IT these days, and if you’re like a lot of organizations, you’re considering taking some of your infrastructure virtual. At Connection, we offer a number of services to get you started on that journey, from healthcheck services that test the overall efficiency of your infrastructure, to installation services when you’re ready to implement or upgrade. One of the most unique things we offer is our Proof of Concept (POC) Appliance, and I’d like to share a little bit about the benefits of using one of these as step one on your desktop virtualization journey.

The appliance is a self-contained package of everything you’ll need for your desktop virtualization POC: CPUs, memory, storage, networking, thin clients, and all the software components. We work closely with you to create that list of acceptance criteria – what you need to prove with this proof of concept. Understanding the goal is very important.

With that settled, one of our VDI experts comes to your site to install the appliance and show you how to use it. We then spend the next 2–3 days showing you how to accomplish what you set as proof points in the acceptance criteria. As we explain in depth in the video linked below, the appliance runs for 45 days and provides a clear picture of how your infrastructure would perform with VDI implemented. At the end of the testing period, armed with actual data, you’re ready to make your decision. Should you continue on your virtualization journey?

And don’t worry – we’ll be there to architect the process for step two and everything after as well.

Deliver data center excellence with Cisco® UCS for VDI – watch this video VDI Proof of Concept Defined, and then continue with the rest of the series to see where virtualization is taking us today.