Spotlight on Healthcare-Certified Account Managers


$3.3 Trillion dollars—this is the astronomical sum spent on healthcare annually in the United States. With healthcare being such big business, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most regulated industries in the U.S. today. Many of those regulations are centered around patient data, and protecting it is one of the most pressing challenges IT professionals face. With patient data so highly sought after, threats and ransomware attacks have never been more prolific.

Keeping Connection’s healthcare customers up to date on impending threats—and how they can best protect themselves—is one of my most important responsibilities. However, this is certainly not a one-person job. With Connection’s team approach, I have a number of resources at my back whose sole focus is on the healthcare sector and their IT environments.

As a member of Connection’s healthcare team, my book of business is comprised almost entirely of healthcare organizations. This allows me to focus on needs specific to the healthcare sector. It also means I went through extensive training and passed a certification test before I was allowed to work with any of our healthcare customers. Test topics included HIPAA compliance, point of care, security, and more.

Our training, however, does not end there. Those who wish to remain healthcare certified must attend the annual healthcare summit and the numerous trainings and showcases spread throughout the year. It is there that we’re introduced to vendors like Seal Shield, Capsa, ReadyDock, and many more. These companies specialize in everything from innovative infection control solutions to medical carts and equipment. They all have use cases that can benefit the healthcare organizations that we support, and it’s my job to keep our customers informed on the latest and greatest offerings. Every detail counts when lives are on the line and supporting our healthcare customers is an awesome responsibility.