Simplify Document Management

Contributing Writer

We might be living in the Digital Age, but somehow, we still seem to be dealing with a lot of paper. Having a reliable duplex document scanner like the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 can make processing that paperwork a little bit easier.

While an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier is fine for the occasional scanning, it’s not always convenient when you’re dealing with a high volume of paperwork. If you’re trying to move toward a paperless office and you have hundreds of files to scan, or if you frequently need to scan in mail and receipts and other documents, having a dedicated document scanner will greatly speed up the process.

With a dedicated scanner like the ScanSnap iX1500, you can scan up to thirty pages per minute. It also includes easy-to-use software that can even help you file and “read” your documents. Just place your documents on the automatic document feed, and hit the scan button to begin!

Here are three reasons to purchase one for your desk space:

  1. Fast, reliable hardware—Scanners have been around for a while. So what’s new about the ScanSnap iX1500? Well, it improves upon Fujitsu’s reliable, popular hardware from all of the previous models, and adds a large, easy-to-use touchscreen. This allows you to scan straight to your desktop or cloud drive.
  2. Turn your scanned documents into searchable files—The most important thing within all of your scanned paperwork is the content and the data. This scanner comes bundled with highly accurate OCR capabilities, which can turn your scanned documents into searchable PDFs. That means that every word of your document becomes keyword searchable, so you can find what you need (and make edits to your document) with ease.

Keep your desk free of clutter—Keep your workspace neat by going paperless. You can save storage space by scanning and shredding your paperwork. Plus, the elegantly designed ScanSnap iX1500 will look right at home on your clutter-free desk.

Just drop your files on the automatic document feed, and touch Scan. The scanner scans both the front and back side of all of your documents and files them neatly on your computer or to the cloud.