Simplified Global IT Procurement

Streamline and Save with GlobalServe

Jamal Khan

If your organization has an international footprint, Connection’s GlobalServe solution offers the seamless global IT procurement you need to efficiently deliver technology around the world. From triage management and lead-time challenges to SKU conversion and more – let us help you solve your toughest global procurement challenges.

Our team is well established, with decades of technology experience at home and abroad. Whether you’re procuring IT for a branch office across town or an office halfway across the globe, our network of 500 suppliers and 25,000 IT professionals across 174 countries can help you enjoy hassle-free procurement at a greater value.

We combine technology and innovation to make procurement efficient, effective, and exciting. Watch our video and see how GlobalServe is dedicated to global procurement excellence.

Jamal Khan holds a prominent leadership role in the fields of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, serving as the Chief Growth and Innovation Officer at Connection and as the director of the Helix Center for Applied AI and Robotics. With a twenty-year tenure in various executive and strategic capacities, Mr. Khan is acclaimed for his adeptness in integrating multiple disciplines to spearhead innovative technological solutions. His expertise is primarily focused on the development of artificial intelligence strategies that span generative AI, computer vision, and natural language processing, with a significant emphasis on cybersecurity, compliance, and controls. Mr. Khan’s contributions to innovation are further evidenced by his co-invention of six patents, which center on human-machine interface design, data orchestration, and machine learning applications. In addition to his technical achievements, he is actively involved in the technology startup ecosystem as an investor and mentor. Mr. Khan is also recognized for his educational contributions, periodically lecturing at leading academic institutions and national forums on topics related to AI and cybersecurity. Previously, he served on the SPAC Board at Intel and is currently a member of the MPAB Board at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.