Secure Your BYOD Environment

Cisco Has the Solution

Contributing Writer

It seems like everywhere you turn in the tech world these days, people are talking about BYOD (bring your own device, for the uninitiated). While many organizations would like to offer their employees the freedom and control that come with using their chosen mobile devices, security issues abound. How do you keep your network and valuable data secure when your end-users are all using different devices? How can you keep your limited IT resources focused on the important issues, instead of managing the potential headaches BYOD might cause?

A new offering from Cisco, the BYOD Smart Solution, is here to help. With this solution, Cisco has created the Identity Services Engine (ISE) to mange the wide range of devices that would be connecting to your network. ISE allows your IT department to enforce compliance, enhance infrastructure security, and streamline service operations.

Take a look at our webinar, presented in partnership with Cisco, where I’ll give you an overview of Cisco’s BYOD Smart Solution. In addition, Tim Allen, Senior Services Manager at Connection, will provide a demo, so you can actually see firsthand how this BYOD management system will work for your organization.