Reinventing IT with HP

3 Pillars of Today’s Mobile Technology

Contributing Writer

As the business world continues to trend toward anytime, anywhere access to data, mobile technology has come to the forefront. Today, I’d like to highlight the way HP has innovated with mobility in mind to “reinvent IT.” HP has focused on three key pillars in their products: security, reliability, and productivity. How have those goals changed their approach to IT? Read on to find out.

Start with Security

When your workforce is on the move and needs to access data from anywhere, ensuring that data remains secure is a number one priority. That’s why HP has built a suite of security features into their mobile devices, with a focus on three goals:

  • Protect – Safeguard your device, your data, and your identity
  • Detect – Stay alert for threats and intrusions
  • Recover – Bounce back from any security events as smoothly as possible

One of the flagship security features is HP Sure Start, which protects your BIOS. A lot of users don’t realize how important it is to ensure your BIOS is secure – they focus most of their efforts on anti-virus software, firewalls, etc. But a compromised BIOS can let hackers infiltrate your system without triggering an alarm. Available on HP Elite notebooks, tablets, and desktops, HP Sure Start scans your BIOS at startup, and if it finds any issues, it automatically reverts to the last known uncompromised version of the BIOS – letting you get on with business with little or no interruption.

Reliability in the Real World

How often has your work stalled because of a device failure? Often, you can’t afford a pause in your workday, and HP puts its commercial-grade mobile devices through over 120,000 hours of testing to ensure you can keep chugging along. They put these devices through the ringer with various compatibility, environmental, and use testing. There’s even a test that simulates what would happen to your notebook in the trunk of a car in Phoenix in August. HP Elite notebooks passed.

Not only that, but the HP Elite X2 1012 is MIL-STD 810 G certified, making this device just as durable as a fully-ruggedized, inch-thick notebook – but light and portable enough to fit into any user’s workday. HP does all of this engineering and testing to ensure their products will hold up in the real world.

The Foundation of Your Business: Productivity

A lot of us spend our day collaborating with colleagues. Being able to make Skype calls, share documents in real time, and connect with users all around the globe has really changed the way business operates. HP decided to make the PC the center of that collaborative experience. Here’s just a sampling of the unique collaboration features they’ve added to their products:

  • HP Collaboration PC: HP EliteDesk 800 Desktop Mini, Intel® Unite™, and Skype for Business plug-in combine to give you an instant conference room environment, wirelessly
  • Noise-reduction software and HP Clear Sound let you use your HP EliteBook as a conference room speakerphone – no extra speakers required
  • HP premium keyboard manufactured so each key takes the exact same pressure to depress

So that’s how HP is working to “reinvent IT”. Are you ready to reinvent the way your users work? Drop us a line today for more information!