Refresh or Reinvent?

Is It Time to Do an About-Face on Your Style of Workplace?

Dave Olivier

There’s a couple of important questions I need to ask: Which of these two better represents your business – Charles Darwin or the dodo? Now, which would you prefer represented your business? It’s been over 130 years since Darwin’s death, and he’s still considered a pioneer and thought leader. Now that’s a lasting impression. The Dodo? Not as happy of an ending.

So what does all of this have to do with your business? It’s simple: evolution of the IT landscape. When was the last time you refreshed your PC, IT, or network infrastructure? Three years? Five years? Be honest – are you still relying on equipment – any equipment – that’s older than 10 years? Because if you are, you’re incoming employees weren’t even teenagers when it was manufactured.

The next generation of workers is arriving at your doorstep every day. These are adults that grew up in a world of 24 x 7 connectivity, mobile phones, and instant access. And if your networks, systems, infrastructure – basically everything – aren’t ready for this incoming workforce, your workforce can’t help you become a pioneer.

To help your business become the best at what it has to offer, you need to be ready to embrace some new ideas, strategies, work styles – anything that gives you opportunity to pull ahead of the competition. This requires innovation on many fronts and must be done with ever increasing velocity. But where do you start?

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