Reduce Downtime and Increase Effectiveness with Maintenance Management Software

James Rust

The last maintenance department I worked with had several issues thanks to the challenges of the past few years. Due to increased demand, keeping machines up and running was more vital than ever, but machine failure rates were at an all-time high, coupled with increased mean time to repair (MTTR). This led to missed production targets, increased labor costs, and a lower on-time delivery rate.

High turnover meant that operator errors causing machine breakdowns had gone up. The experienced maintenance personnel who could quickly fix previously seen errors had left, taking their knowledge with them. When maintenance is dealing with limited manpower, a lack of experience with specific machines, and is being pulled in all directions by various stakeholders, how can they effectively prioritize their work?

CMMS Software Can Help

A recent survey showed that, in 2021, 27% of businesses run their maintenance departments on spreadsheets. While this can work to track what has been completed, work assigned this way must often be done manually. More complex features like automated parts usage tracking and optimized stock levels are nonexistent with this approach.

Luckily, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software has come a long way. Centralized software that is readily accessible to both maintenance and other employees can make breakdown notifications easy. One CMMS customer saw a staggering decrease in downtime from 26% to 4% after implementation. This was accomplished not only by prioritizing work but recording the work that was done in such a way that any new maintenance employee could easily follow the notes and make repairs.

Custom reports and KPIs can be created so the metrics and work most important to your specific operation can be easily tracked. Once live, a modern CMMS can seamlessly integrate with machine sensors so that any anomalies will be reported to maintenance before machine breakdowns occur. This results in clear direction for maintenance staff, a happier workforce, and more time available to complete preventative and predictive maintenance to stop issues before they start.

Empower Your Employees and See Results Fast

Implementing a modern CMMS system can give a quick ROI for businesses and even impact areas other than maintenance. If you’re considering upgrading your existing system or implementing a new one, engage our Manufacturing Practice. We can review your business needs and recommend a CMMS that is right for you.

James Rust is an Industry Solutions Specialist at Connection, working to assist with sales and client engagements when communicating the Manufacturing Practice’s value propositions, capabilities, practical use cases, and business outcomes that align with our portfolio of technology solutions. Prior to Connection, James got his start working in a manufacturing shipping department. His career advanced in various industries, including food and beverage, oil and gas supply, machine shop, and pharmaceutical. James offers experience in maintenance management, ERP systems, going paperless, and improving factory floor and office processes.