Real-Time Networking Insights:

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Tim Allen

We recently partnered with industry-leading technology research firm IDG to learn more about today’s top networking trends and challenges. The feedback we received helps illustrate today’s latest networking trends. For example, when it comes to supporting wireless access, did you know the vast majority of organizations currently support wireless and plan to continue in the future?

Today, wireless networks need to support two or three devices per person – all sending and receiving bandwidth-intensive traffic such as voice over IP, video, and document-heavy emails. It’s a heavy toll on any network, and keeping pace with technology can seem like a never-ending struggle. What’s your organization’s strategy for seamless wireless networking?

Discover what’s trending to help you define or adapt your strategy and keep you in the know. Download our survey to see what the latest stats reveal about networking. If you face similar challenges or want to start similar initiatives, Connection has qualified experts with decades of experience building the right networking solutions for your unique environment. Let us help you find out what’s trending in networking today!