Reach Your Server Virtualization Goals

It’s Time for a Total Performance Analysis

Tony Dancona
Data Center

You’ve probably realized that best practices for virtualization have changed quite a bit since you initially put together your virtual infrastructure. Most organizations still have, on average, only 30% of their severs virtualized, and they’re looking to make the most of their infrastructure as they try to meet today’s virtualization needs. That’s why we offer a Total Performance Analysis for your virtual infrastructure, which can help you make the most of your virtualization investment.

Our Total Performance Analysis is a combination of services we had been offering separately, rolled into one package, to give you a clear idea of what’s going on in your data center and how to make better use of your technology:</>

‰Û¢ Virtual infrastructure health assessment – Is your data center set up for best practices?

‰Û¢ Monitoring and performance analysis – Collecting performance and metrics data in order to generate recommendations to improve and repair your current infrastructure.

‰Û¢ Capacity analysis – Generating usage reports to determine how well you have provisioned resources in virtual infrastructure. Many customers have greatly over provisioned resource, leading to poor performance in many cases. This analysis will help you recover over- provisioned resources, as well as highlight resources that are under-provisioned or running out.

‰Û¢ Virtualization candidate analysis – Detailing remaining physical servers and workloads that are ideal candidates for virtualization, as well as providing capacity requirements. We can feed this information into the virtual capacity model from above to see how well your infrastructure will handle the new load.

Take a look at our webinar, presented in partnership with VMware, where I will break down the four phases of our Total Performance Analysis, and show you how Connection can help you make the best use of your data center.