Overcome Your Cloud Security Woes

Cisco and Intel Are Here to Help

Justin Zuill

There is no one-size-fits-all version of cloud technology when it comes to real-world applications. Cloud computing technologies are like raw materials that you can combine in multiple ways to achieve your desired business outcomes. Like many IT professionals, you’re probably considering cloud computing in your organization, but you’re also worried about keeping your data and assets secure.

Connection, partnering with Cisco and Intel, recently surveyed over 500 organizations to discover what they’re looking for in a cloud solution, as well as what their top cloud concerns are. Among other key findings, the survey revealed that 70% of the organizations are in the process of implementing, or have already implemented, cloud in their business. It also showed that 65% of the organizations list security as their top concern in implementing cloud computing.

Cisco UCS with Intel® Xeon® processors offer some of the most innovative and complete solutions when it comes to cloud security. Cisco’s single point of management provides a level of flexibility that is unmatched by any other server on the market. For more insight into cloud security issues, as well as the advantages Cisco UCS can bring to your cloud environment, download our white paper.

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