Our BYOD Survey Results Are In

Security Is Everyone’s Top Concern


Here at Connection, we recently conducted a survey to gain deeper insight into the BYOD marketplace. We surveyed 500 IT professionals at organizations of various sizes, and today I’d like to share some of our key findings.

As with most BYOD research, we found security to be the top concern among organizations.

As for the second most frequent concern, we found an interesting differentiation between organizations who had or were working toward putting BYOD policies in place and those with no current BYOD plans. For organizations with policies in place or on the way, another top concern is managing network users and devices. However, the perceptions change when organizations have yet to create a BYOD policy. These organizations are more worried about personal use of BYOD devices disrupting work productivity.

With security a high priority, organizations are limiting what applications and company data BYOD devices can access. Almost every organization with a policy in place or in the works allows personal devices to access email. However, applications with more sensitive information, such as ordering and inventory platforms, are only allowed to be accessed by personal devices in about 1 in 10 organizations.

BYOD will continue to shape the way employees accomplish tasks in the workplace. As policies evolve, we are likely to see shifts in the obstacles organizations face when implementing a policy and the information they allow users to access. To read more about our recent research, check out the full survey findings.