Office 365 Multi-Geo: Multi-Geography Collaboration Made Easy

Jay Davis

With more and more companies choosing to take their business to the cloud, it is imperative that all security and compliance regulations are met. Meaning that data is properly resting in the correct location within the cloud. But, if you have a company that has employees spread out all over the world, how do you ensure that collaboration can occur in the cloud while maintaining proper measures? Enter Microsoft Office 365 Multi-Geo.

What’s Office 365 Multi-Geo?

Office 365 Multi-Geo enables you to be precise in where your user data is stored at-rest within one Office 365 tenant. This means users can collaborate and share data within one Office 365 tenant without the hassle of worrying where that data is resting. Multi-Geo for Office 365 becomes an attractive offer when a company doesn’t want to set up their own data centers for data residency.

How Does It Work?

In a Multi-Geo scenario, your Office 365 tenant has a centralized location. Based on your business needs, additional satellite locations are established in their required geographic areas. 

Within the Multi-Geo tenant, the information about geo locations, groups, and user data is centrally stored within Azure Active Directory. The data information is then synchronized across each geo location. This makes the collaboration experience seamless while maintaining required global data awareness. Need to move user data to a new geographic location? Do you need reports on where user data is being stored? Not a problem! Both tasks can be accomplished within one admin console.

What Information Does Multi-Geo for Office 365 Cover?

The Multi-Geo option covers data within the following applications:

  • Exchange Online
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint Online
  • Office 365 Groups

What Geographic Locations Are Covered?

The following locations are currently covered with Multi-Geo for Office 365:

  • Australia
  • Asia Pacific
  • Canada
  • European Union
  • France
  • India
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Control Your Global Data

With companies adopting the cloud faster than ever before, it is imperative that data security and compliance is top of mind for everyone. Multi-Geo for Office 365 allows you to control at-rest data on a global scale within one tenant. Having the ability to allow access for your users securely and efficiently from anywhere is more important than ever for companies. Turn to our Microsoft technology experts at Connection for your Office 365 migration and service adoption needs. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in this area, and we would love to partner with you on your journey to the cloud. Contact us to learn more about Multi-Geo for Office 365 and how it can benefit your business! 

Jay is a Senior Microsoft Engineer at Connection. Jay has over 13 years of experience in messaging and collaboration, AWS, Azure, and VMware. He also carries MCSE Enterprise Messaging Administrator and MCSA Azure Administrator certifications. In his free time, Jay enjoys acting, sports, and the outdoors.