Now Is the Time to Make the Shift to a Modern Device

Ashley Lofaro
Make the Shift to a Modern Device

There are many benefits to Windows 10, like improved security, productivity features, and simplified IT management. However, the foundation for these features is built on new modern devices.

Older devices that were made for Windows 7 don’t have nearly as many specialized features built in. Windows 7 will turn 10 years old in October, and the operating system was built before the security threats of today. IT departments need to do more with less, since more than half of small businesses expect technology budgets to decrease, or in the best case scenario, stay the same. Surprisingly, migrating to Windows 10 Pro on new modern devices powered by 8th Gen Intel® CoreTM vProTM processors can help save businesses money.

One cost that you may not factor in is lost employee productivity on older old devices. According to a 2018 Techaisle study, a 4+ year old device can cost 98 hours of downtime per year due to repairs. This does not include those painful moments when an employee waits for applications to run due to system performance or security attacks. If that employee makes $20 an hour, that can cost the company an extra $1,965 in lost productivity.

Make the Shift

What Windows 10 Means for the Modern Enterprise

Modern devices with Windows 10 Pro powered by 8th Gen Intel® CoreTM vProTM processors have up to 80% better performance than their four-year-old predecessors, and can multitask 2x faster. There are many different form factors to choose from and different ways employees can interact with devices, including using touchscreen, which is a more intuitive experience. A digital pen, along with Office, can help employees quickly jot down ideas or mark up documents. For the mobile workforce, new devices have a battery life that can last a full workday, and erase those frustrating moments when you need to find a plug for your charger. When comparing the cost, Techaisle found that maintaining 15 older PCs costs more than the price of 20 highly configured newer PCs. Additionally, the younger workforce also expects these sorts of devices; 83% of millennials say that the workplace technology sways their job choice.

One of the most severe costs that a business can face is a data breach. On average, it can cost $84,000 per hack. That number doesn’t even factor in the cost of your lost IP and client trust.

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Stay Protected with Windows Security

Modern devices with Windows 10 Pro powered by 8th Gen Intel® CoreTM vProTM processors are built to secure your business. It starts with an operating system that was made with security in mind, including device and identity protection. On top of the operating system, device manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, and HP build new hardware-based security features to further improve security. Some devices offer protection against visual hacking, with built-in privacy screens and alerts. Others even help protect your privacy with mechanical camera covers. Give your business the most secure Windows experience ever with Connection’s lineup of Window’s 10 Pro devices!

Ashley is a Product Manager for Workplace Transformation at Connection. In her free time, she enjoys traveling.

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    What does Windows 10 cost and how do I get it??

  3. Will this be eliminating Windows 7 completely or will we still be able to keep it – I’m happy with 7 and don’t want to change – Windows 10 seems so confusing.

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    I wish to change from Windows 7 to Windows 10 but I do not want to lose any of my files. Is this possible?

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